Welcome to MyGivingAdvisor, LLC

a full service philanthropic advising firm located in Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in major and planned gift fundraising services for nonprofit organizations and boards, and offer a complete range of tools for private and family foundations, individual donors and corporate giving programs.

For donors, we know giving is not easy. As ex foundation CEO’s, we help you give effectively and meaningfully. You can be assured in receiving expert advice and guidance as you carry forward your legacy. All of our services are personalized to the needs and objectives of our clients.

For nonprofits, we offer services designed to make your organization sustainable. No cookie cutter plans and canned materials.  We specialize in major and planned gifts, corporate strategic partnerships, and offer a full range of development and strategic guidance.

Call us at 859-806-6231, or email at anash@mygivingadvisor.com. We look forward to hearing from you!



Anne E. Nash and Fran Taylor, Principals at My Giving Advisor