Corporate Giving

Corporations are among the most generous givers to our communities.  A strategic approach to philanthropy allows a company to promote corporate values, to build brand, and to provide a vehicle for employee engagement while supporting important causes.

Philanthropy should be an extension of your business model not an outlier.  My Giving Advisor works with corporations to ensure that your giving adds value to your business as well as to society.
Corporate Giving Services provided by My Giving Advisor include:

  • Develop a philanthropic mission statement and plan that incorporates corporate values;
  • Establish a cost effective giving program;
  • Corporate and personal senior management giving strategies;
  • Facilitate philanthropic meetings;
  • Engage employees in meaningful community and giving programs;
  • Research and facilitate philanthropic investments;
  • Monitor and evaluate grant making to ensure clear outcomes;
  • Educate on philanthropic needs and strategies;
  • Coordinate involvement with non profits including serving as contact for requests;
  • Operational and administrative supports such as request for proposals, grant agreements, grant reports;
  • Best Practices for Board and operations;
  • Serve as Foundation Director.