Private Foundations

Private Foundations offer donors excellent flexibility in their giving. However, it is critical that the same thought and planning go into these entities as it did in the businesses and inheritances that made funding the foundation possible.

A strategic approach enables the private foundation to effectively operate and provide community legacies while building capacity for the next generation or successors.

Services provided by My Giving Advisor to a private foundation include:

  • Develop a foundation mission statement and philanthropic plan that incorporates the donor’s values;
  • Facilitate family/board meetings;
  • Engage and mentor younger generations;
  • Research and facilitate philanthropic investments;
  • Monitor and evaluate grant making to ensure clear outcomes;
  • Educate on philanthropic needs and strategies;
  • Coordinate involvement with non profits including serving as contact for requests;
  • Operational and administrative supports such as request for proposals, grant agreements,
  • grant reports;
  • Best Practices for Board and operations;
  • Serve as Foundation Director on a retainer basis.