Thinking about the Gulf Coast…

June 24, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Fundraising efforts to combat the effects of the disastrous oil spill along the Gulf coast are being met with reluctance. While substantial funds have been raised, amounts are far less than those raised for other recent disasters. Many speculate that this is due to two factors: first, this is a man made disaster, and second, people are looking to BP for funds. But our friends, animal and human, along the Gulf Coast don’t really care whose to blame or who will get sued. They need help now. There are many fine on the ground organizations one can donate funds to. Please consider doing so when you read or hear of a fundraising effort.

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Anne E. Nash is Principal and Owner of My Giving Advisor, LLC, a philanthropic advising firm located in Lexington KY. Nash is a lawyer, charitable gift planner, former foundation CEO, and social innovator. She works with foundations, corporations, and nonprofits to maximize their philanthropy. With past experience as both a funder and a fundraiser, Nash offers a skill set and knowledge that is based on actual success not merely theory.

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